May 30, 2011

West Coast Trainz

Frank McCall (SPorBust) has regrettably decided to close down his site, West Coast Trainz. No word yet as to whether the content he had on his site will be hosted somewhere else or not.

The horn sound for the AWVR MP15s was hosted at Frank's site and I'm unable to find it elsewhere. For those of you looking to download these engines, fear not. I've found a substitute horn and have updated the files.

This is a sad loss for the Trainz community and we hope he will be back in the foreseeable future.

[Edit: 09/02/2011]

Frank McCall is back! His new site can be found here!

- Dan (Leadfoot866)


  1. Hi Dan. I was wondering, could you find a substitute horn for awvr 777 and 767?

  2. Any word where I can find Franks SPs and Norfolk southern a or any of his locks besides the DLS? Thx

    -Steven (nikkigirl1)