February 2, 2011

[WIP] Allegheny West Virginia Railroad (AWVR)

This is the project I'm currently working on; the Allegheny West Virginia Railroad (AWVR) from the 2010 Tony Scott film Unstoppable, starring Denzel Washington, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, and Kevin Dunn.

In addition to recreating the locomotives seen in the film, I have also expanded on the AWVR roster to include additional locomotives.

AWVR EMD GP38: 1000 - 1013 (Phase Ib)

AWVR EMD GP38: 2000 - 2013 (Phase I)

AWVR EMD GP38-2: 1600 - 1792 (Phase I)

AWVR EMD GP38-2: 4700 - 4718 (Phase IIb)

AWVR EMD GP40: 8500 - 8516 (Phase Ib)

AWVR EMD GP40: 2200 - 2243 (Phase I)

AWVR EMD GP40: 2300 - 2323 (Phase IIb)

AWVR EMD MP15AC: 3000 - 3007 (Phase I)

AWVR EMD GP60: 7000 - 7005 (Phase I)

AWVR GE C40-8: 5200 - 5211 (Phase I)

AWVR GE C40-8: 5212 - 5247 (Phase IIb)

AWVR EMD SD40-2: 5600 - 6045 & 7300 - 7378 (Phase Ib)

AWVR EMD SD40-2: 4000 - 4057 & 9200 - 9267 (Phase I)

AWVR EMD SD40-2: 1200 - 1258 & 9700 - 9754 (Phase IIb)

AWVR EMD SD70M: 8000 - 8013 (Phase II)

AWVR GE C44-9W: 6600 - 6646 (Phase II)

AWVR GE C44-9W: 6647 - 6652 (Phase III)

AWVR GE C44-9W: 6700 - 6713 (Phase IIIb)

AWVR EMD SD70ACe: 3500 - 3509 (Phase IIIb)

AWVR GE ES44AC/AC4400EV: 7700 - 7707 & 777 (Phase IIIb)

AWVR GE ES44AC/AC4400EV: 7600 - 7613 & 767 (Phase III)

Most of these engines (not all, sorry) will come with automatic running numbers (ARN).

There are other engines that will be added to the roster soon, including GP40 high hood, GP35 high hood. Might also add Matruck's SW1200 and Cozmo's GP30.

Models by SPorBust (GEs, SD40, MP15, and GP60) and Joram24 (GP38, 38-2, and GP40)

- Leadfoot866


  1. When will these be available and will they work on trainz 2006?

  2. These look amazing. The alternate liveries you've added really work well, as does applying the existing ones to other classes of locomotive.

    One question though, how do you fit 777 and 767 into a four-digit numbering scheme? Are you suggesting AWVR numbered their locos 770-779, 7710-onwards, because if so, '1206' would surely be '126' by the same rules.

    That aside, I'd love to see anything else you come up with!

  3. Anthony,

    Release date is still unknown. I'm having trouble (I'm not the only one, apparently), getting in touch with Joram24, the model maker of the GPs and SD45. I already got the OK from SPorBust to release his units, so I might release those (GEs, MP15, SD70s, GP60) and once I hear back from Joram24, I'll release the rest.

    They should work with 2006, since the models were designed for 2004/2006 and these are basically just reskins. I haven't had a chance to properly test them in 2006 since my install took a dump and I've been to busy lately to deal with it. They definitely work in 2009/2010.

    777 and 767 don't use ARN. The numbers are painted directly onto the locomotive. As for the numbering, I played around with several ideas for the AWVR roster.

    Here's the thing, based on information published by 20th Century Fox as well as some details found in the film, the events seen on screen took place in the morning of October 12th, 2009. The epilogue at the end of the film does suggest that several things happened between the day of the incident and when the film was released over a year later (Nov. 12th, 2010), including the possibility that AWVR paid dearly for the 777 incident.

    I pretty much worked from that. In my universe, AWVR was fined heavily by the FRA for safety violations and also faced massive lawsuits from the families of Marine Ryan Scott and engineer Judd Stewart (killed) and the residents of Arklow and Stanton, PA.

    To insure its survival, AWVR scaled back its operations. The company sold a large portion of its track and equipment, including their entire AC4400CW fleet. Some of the AC44000, including 777, went to CSX. The rest, including 767, went to Canadian Pacific.

    The epilogue mentioned that Connie Hooper was promoted to VP of Operations. Under her leadership, AWVR is in the process of overhauling its locomotive fleet by rebuilding and selling/trading old locomotives. The 7600s and 7700s replaced the 760s and 770s on the roster.

    To give you an idea of just how crazy I am, 777 (CSX 5131) and 767 (CP 9846) crashed head-on into each other outside Chicago. No fatalities. It was a low-speed collision; both trains travelling no more than 15MPH due to temporary speed restrictions in place at the time. Both engines were sent back to GE to be rebuilt and upgraded to ES44 specifications (referred to as AC4400EVs). In a strange twist, the engines were sold back to AWVR and were given their old road numbers, much to the dismay of the public and media, though AWVR claims that this is temporary. 777 these days is known by many at AWVR simply as "The Beast". Rumors have spread that the engine is cursed, some comparing it to the '58 Plymouth Fury in Stephen King's "Christine".

    Yeah, I have a wild imagination...

    I'm still ironing out some of the details, but eventually I'll post my history of AWVR and the locomotive roster I came up with.

    Thanks for the comments

    - Leadfoot866

  4. Thats great news, glad to hear it. With the exception of your install taking a dump that is. Can't wait to download them.

  5. Yo Leadfoot!

    Gotta say, I love the effort you put into the AWVR's history post-Unstoppable. It also makes sense that in the aftermath they'd sell off some of the stock to pay the way.

    Regarding the black-liveried locos, when Connie enters the dispatch tower with the donuts (Dewey and Gilese in tow), I noticed said locos are visable in the background and lettered for the Wheeling & Lake Erie RR, but like you, I prefer to think of them as AWVR stock, maybe recently purchased from the W&LE and due for repainting (a note from the film: the two grey SD40s used were owned by W&LE, but still carrying the grey livery of a previous owner. 20th Century Fox just slapped AWVR decals on them and ran them as-found).

    Like you, I'm a fan of the movie - when the cinema I work at got rid of the Unstoppable standee we'd used to promote the film I was asked if I wanted to keep it - it was fifteen feet long and seven feet high, so I had to throw out most of it, but I still have a giant six-foot-tall likeness of 777 decorating the wall of my bedroom!

    Working at the cinema also allowed me to sneak in viewings of the film during my free time, where I managed to catch a few details. I don't know if you can use it for anything (or indeed if you've noticed it yourself), but AWVR's motto (stencilled on the glass walls in the boardroom scenes) is 'Moving America'.

    Cheers, and I can't wait to see what else you cook up here!

  6. Just another FYI - the AC4400s were fitted with alternate builder's plates for filming, which describe them as AC4250-HJE locos built by 'AWR Diesel Electric Locomotive' in Erie, Pennsylvania. Perhaps AWVR built some of their fleet 'in-house' under license from GE, or the AC4250s are AWVR-rebuilds of AC4400s. After all, they have an SD40 crusing around that's rated for 5000hp - I'd love to see the prime mover they fitted into that baby!

    A very illuminating photo of one of the plates can be found through the link below.


    (outside of film-canon, I can only assume these plates were fitted because GE didn't want their logo branded over a runaway train!)

  7. the AWVR GP40 is not here (downloads page)

    1. The GP40s have not been released yet. All of the locos that utilize the RRMods models (GP40, GP38, GP35, & SD45) are currently pending since the folks at RRMods want to update the models first (they're pretty old now).

      - Dan

  8. but, what name AWVR SD40 Horn 1200s

  9. Hello, where did you got the AWVR logo? my photoshop keeps crashing and i can't find anything on the internet. Nice work by the way, i am buying trainz 2010 just for this :)